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Tree Service Gallery

This gallery is provided as a visual representation of our distiction in tree service work. It clearly showcases the care we take in protecting your property and the diversity of equipment we use to safely and efficiently perform the work. Each tree service project has its own needs and challenges which are carefully planned for so the team and equipment are ideally suited for your project.

Yes, our turf friendly spiderlift did go through that standard size gate Our turf friendly spiderlift sqeezing through tight space to maneuver into position for tree removal Seeing our spiderlift in this gate opening, it is deceptively compact considering what we can accomplish with it After entering this yard through the gate, you see the spiderlift in action for taking down a tree Once the stability legs are extended, it's easy to see why this is called a spiderlift The spiderlift is ingeneously designed not only to prevent damage to your property, but incredible with flexibility for safe tree work Once extended, the spiderlift has impressive reach for the removal of tall trees Our boom trucks have the most extensive reach for safe tree work on your property Utilizing the long reach of our boom to remove a dead pine tree Removing tree near power lines is a frequent occurance for us and we have the expertise to do it safely Another example of safe tree removal working around multiple power lines Large dead tree, powerlines, close proximity of houses; no problem for Stanch's Tree Service Tree removal team working in tight space to safely remove a large tree Our boom trucks also double as tree trunk haulers; note the use of wood panels on the ground to protect property from equipment damage Even the largest trees near homes, power lines, and other obstacles can be safely removed because of our equipment Tall tree being removed with the help of our very large boom Large boom has far reaching capability Our team is used to safely removing trees while protecting your property like decks and swimming pools We surgically remove trees even in tight spaces and challenging surroundings like fences and power lines Our spiderlift and stump grinder seen on the left are turf friendly to protect your property during a tree service project We have the skill, experience, and equipment to safely remove trees even in close proximity to power lines Stormy weather does not stop our tree service crew Dead trees especially pose a safety hazard and need to be removed Removing a large section of tree trunk while our turf friendly stump grinder prepares to rid the yard of the unwanted stump Each tree removal project requires its own set of precautions like protecting the fence below during removal If the nuisance of pine needles on this commercial property isn't enough, the danger of being taken down in a storm was significant; problem solved Rigging section of tree for removal; note the use of wireless communication our team uses to work efficiently Just for fun, here's the view our guys see from above Once we're done removing trees, we tidy up your property perfectly and haul away all evidence Tree trimming love given to this Japanese maple keeps it beuatiful and healthy Our tree trimming service keeps trees healthy and with some sculpting we can add enhanced aesthetic curb appeal Shade is good but this property was getting too much of a good thing and needed tree trimming Our crew is thinning out the trees, some of which were posing a serious threat to the roofing on the home you can barely see here Branches hanging over a roof lead to many problems and should be removed to protect the roofing Using our turf friendly spiderlift to thin out some seriously thick overgrowth to promote tree health and better air movement Our turf friendly grappler gently assists in clearing trees and branches removed from these cemetery grounds Our turf friendly spiderlift is ideal for tree trimming even on sloped terrain like this Lush green grass remains undisturbed while tree trimming is performed using our turf friendly spiderlift Our equipment allows us to provide tree service without damage to lawns, fences, and other landscape Thinning trees and reducing their overall height in the early spring results in healthier trees during the summer season Our remote controlled stump grinders get rid of unwanted stumps but are also turf friendly to protect your property during the process Closeup of one of our stump grinders in action When needed to speed up the project, we can bring in extra stump grinders Stanch's Tree Service has the equipment to do light duty land clearing and excavation